Choosing the Best Resume Format
is Tough. Make Sure to Include This...

If you’re planning to teach English in Japan, choosing your resume format and writing your resume are the first steps in the whole process. To help get you started we’ve outlined the most popular resume formats with a short explanation on who should use them.

Now I know that many of you are not up to the task, don't have time or would rather just farm it out to a pro and be done with the whole damn mess. But a straight forward and easy to read resume with a bullet format never disappoints and to be honest, your potential employer is much more interested in your personality, enthusiasm and dress then that hunk of paper you are carrying with you.

We realize that many people are confused about which format to use because there are so many.

If you’ll be applying to English conversation schools in Japan, be sure to read how to write one for this market before you start writing....Just scroll down.

Functional Resume:
Use this one if you’re reentering the job market, have had some career setbacks or if your accomplishments are more impressive than your career history.

Employment History

Resume for Recent Graduate:
Those with little experience should use this version of the functional resume format. This format stresses what you can do verses what you've done.

Skills Education
Work Experience
Activities and Honors

Chronological Resume:
Use this one if you’ve had little or no employment gaps, have worked in the same field so that the position you’re applying for is a logical progression.


Resume Format for a Career Change
This format is designed to highlight accomplishments that apply to your new field. If you're trying to break out of an old field and into a new one, you need to draw attention to what you've done and what you're capable of doing. Highlight what is most relevant to the new position you're applying for.

Career Objective
Summary of Experience
Professional Background

Skills Format:
Use this if you have extensive experience in one field. This format highlights your unique qualifications. It basically screams that you're the perfect match for the job.

Job Target
Relevant Skills
Key Qualifications
Optional Sections

The Combined Resume:
If you have a linear and solid career history with significant accomplishments that you don’t want “lost in the shuffle” use this one.


Professional Resume:
If you’ve worked in 1 field and want to show your specific accomplishments and the roundness of your career, it's best to use this one.

Summary of Qualifications
Summary of Accomplishments
Professional Experience
Honors and Activities
Professional Affiliations

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