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Sponsorship Option 1 : Headline Banner
Max size: 500 x 120 Pixels
$100 USD Per Month

Promote Your Business With Us

PPC Advertising is an Uphill Battle

Paying for AdWord clicks adds up pretty quick. If you have experience running PPC campaigns for your business you know how quick your AdWords budget limits can go to zero. You probably are also familiar with the amount of time spent bidding on keywords and tweaking ad copy to boost CTR. Paying for viewers to click your ads without intention to buy drains your gains.

There is a better way. Sponsorship. No matter how many visitors click through the banner or text link from our site to your site, your costs remain the same. Knowing your advertising  costs won't spiral out of hand by tire-kickers without an intention to buy gives you the peace of mind to concentrate and what you or your team do best: building your business.

Because we understand that every business has different needs, we offer flexible packages that cater to your needs. Why waste advertising revenue on pages that don't relate to your business needs.
After all, if you are trying to find graduates interested in teaching certification, an ad on a page selling cookies won't do you much good.

Sponsorship Option # 3
        In Page Banner or Text Link
       Max. Width 500  Pixels Wide by 120 Pixels High
$40 Per Month

All About Teaching English in Japan is an established authority site in a tight niche. Unlike other sites that cater to "teaching abroad" or "teaching  overseas" , our focus remains Japan centered. This ensures that traffic we send you has a "high intent to buy." And this means higher conversions for your site squeeze pages, product offers and E-zine opt-in forms.

If  you would like to see your business advertised on All About Teaching English in, please feel free to contact us with your advertisement needs and questions and we will get right back to you.

Hi Folks. Please Note the Following:

  • Higher rates are applicable to the home page and  high traffic volume Nav bar or T2 pages.
  • Multiple page discounts are available
  • Ads served as banners image files are unaffected by ad-blocking software.
  • Discounts are available for 6 and 12 month options
  • Prices shown are in USD (US Dollar) and are per page per calendar month (pppm).
  • Safe secure payment through Paypal or bank transfer
  • Advertisements are priced on a flat-rate only, no cost per click options are available.
  • Banner positions given on a first-come first-served basis.
  • No ad-tracking services are provided.
  • We are not responsible for ad performance.
  • Option 2 will replace any Adsense unit otherwise present.
  • By advertising on All About Teaching English in Japan.Com you agree to all this!

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Maximum Size 500 x 120 Pixels
Available on All Pages

$25 Per month

Sponsorship Option 2 Column Banner
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Max. Size: 250 High X 160 Pixels wide.
Available on All Pages
Above the Fold
Above Google Adsense

3 month
6 month
  12 Month Options

You Can Choose How Many or Few Pages You
Choose to Show Your Ad on

$50 Per Month