Cover Letter For Teachers of ESL

Cover Letter For TeachersCover Letter For Teachers

A cover letter for ESL teacher can be a tricky thing to write especially for those who don't have much or any teaching experience. We often get e-mails from recent graduates who want to find a teaching job in Japan but don't have any concrete teaching experience.

What  you need to think about conceptually is what you have done to date that is transferable or is an important trait in writing a cover letter. In order to do this it is important to try to understand what it is that an ESL teacher actually does. Of course it depends upon the school and its curriculum and requirements in addition to the age of the student but nonetheless there are character attributes in addition to actual activities that what you did up until now that apply to the position.

Cover Letters for Teachers & Applicable Attributes - What to Write When Your Experience is Limited

So what are some of these character attributes that you need to apply in your cover letter if you don't have ESL experience? (We will list some of them with using different occupations to see how they can correlate).  Well there are many but some of the big ones are:

  • The ability to work within a defined parameter to reach a given goal. (Swimming teacher teaching a child how to do the crawl, back stroke and butterfly in a 2 week summer swimming course.) This relates to teaching or covering a certain curriculum item in a certain period of time doesn't it?
  • Having basic confidence in your ability.  (You were selected to lead or manage a school newspaper publication because of your knowledge of English and editing skills.)
  • Tolerance and patients (especially if you'll be teaching children).
  • Creativity and the ability to think on your feet or create a work-around solution to a problem. (You build a website and made a mistake with SEO on keywords so you used a 301 re-direct to solve the problem.) 
  • Good communication skills and delegation skills. (You are an event organizer and have to communicate with a committee for all the things involved in successfully getting the event organized so that it is a success. Space rental, food and beverages, seating, communicating the event to members about the event. etc.  This is connected to communicating effectively in class what you want the students to do in a game or activity isn't it?

So even though what you may have on your resume isn't directly related to teaching, what you did and what you wish to do with the school that will  hire you share a skill set or have a commonality. So a cover letter for teachers isn't really any different than others you might write for other fields if you don't have much experience.

Your lead paragraph should show enthusiasm! And how much you want to be considered for the position.

This then should lead into another paragraph where you show the things that you did and how it relates to the position and allows that that organizations  goals can be met by your experiences.

Japanese Cover Letters for Teachers

Depending upon the company, you may need to submit a Japanese cover letter. It should be short and top out at a page. Basically it should specify your skills and how they fit in with the job you are applying for. You might also make mention of the your desire to have a long-term relationship with the company as Japanese companies regard highly loyalty to the company. These types of Japanese cover letters (rirekisho) can be bought at most department stores and book shops. If you can't write in Japanese you'll need someone to write it for you.

Cover letter for Teachers - Don't Forget the Basics

  • State clearly the position you are applying for - don't make the HR person or hiring agent guess about what you are applying for.
  • All information including contact information is up to date.
  • Date your cover letter or CV
  • If you don't know the persons name you can give them the title of "Dear Hiring Coordinator". Don't assume gender.
  • Get to the point. Really. These people are busy and they won't wade through a long cover letter.

A Cover Letter for Teachers & The Main Point

Your experience and aptitudes should tie itself to your suitability for the position. In other words what you can do for them should be clearly illustrated in your cover letter and should not be simply a rewrite of your resume...they already have your resume right?

Although cover letters for teachers come in all styles, the below example cover letter is pretty much typical.

ESL Teacher Cover Letter Example

Stanley Chopper 
5-12-3 Nozaki dori
Nagoya, Aichi 458-0014

Mr. Takahiro  Suzuki
XYZ  English School 
4-13-11, Sentani, Midori-ku, 
Nagoya, Aichi 458-0009 Japan 

Dear Mr. Suzuki,

Having seen your advertisement for the position of ESL teacher at the XYZ English  School, I am applying for a position with your company as my career profile perfectly match your requirements. With my TESOL certification in addition to a BA in Education from the University of Wisconsin, I am I can make an excellent contribution to your teaching staff.

Per your job description, you need teachers that are passionate about English language and keenly interested in helping students become high achievers. I have a positive and forward looking personality as well as solid teaching skills to motivate students towards learning. I also have a demonstrated in past positions my ability to assess student potential accurately, tailor lessons to achieve desired curricular  goals, and maintain written records of student assessments and performances.

Furthermore, I am experienced in functioning as an assistant to a JTE and am confident in handling the curriculum at XYZ English School. Over and above, I am able to work well independently with all types of curriculum.

On that note, I would like the opportunity to be interviewed in order to discuss my qualifications in detail. I can call or e-mail at any time that is convenient to your schedule. I can be reached at 090- 9165-4444 and will be delighted to provide you with any additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration for this position.

Best regards,

(Your Signature)
Stanley Chopper

Enc. Resume

Cover Letters for Teachers and the Wrap-Up

When you wrap up your cover letter it should have the following. Firstly thank them for their time in reading your cover letter. Reiterate that you want a position with them (that you are truly interested in the job.)

Then briefly mention that you are available at their convenience to discuss any matters like availability. Then state that you are looking forward to their call or contact that is most convenient to them...(given whatever contact information you have on your resume.

So a Typical Cover Letter For Teachers  Could Read Something About Like This:

"Thank you in advance for considering my application. I am eager to meet with you to discuss this position at your earliest convenience, as I believe I would be an asset to your teaching staff and would enjoy working at  (NAME OF SCHOOL). I am available to further discuss my qualifications and availability  and can be most easily contacted by e-mail at: (JOHNNY NEEDS A JOB@YAHOO.COM) I look forward to your reply."

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