ESL Teacher Jobs With Nova 

Recruiters post hundreds of ESL teacher jobs all over the web and in various publications. You'll see ads from kids schools like Peppy Kids Club to English schools that cater to anyone wanting to learn English from 2 to 92 years of age. like Aeon, ECC etc. and Nova is no exception.

After its implosion and drawn out legal fiascoes, like a phoenix from the fire they're back. (With a "little" help from G. Communications a holding company who handled the restructuring). They did kind of change the name a bit though from Nova to "Nova Holdings". They have returned to the big-hitter stage with 336 schools throughout Japan and has a student count of around 60,000.

ESL Teacher Jobs with NovaESL Teacher Jobs With Nova

Like other Eikaiwas and government run programs like The Jet program, they recruit from abroad which means for many recent graduates who don't want to risk coming to Japan on a tourist visa or landing permit and then look for work, it offers a bit of safety.

In that you won't be scurrying around looking for work under a deadline. They will also sponsor you and take care of getting your apartment lined up for you. They primarily recruit from Vancouver, Tokyo and Osaka.

ESL Teacher Jobs - The Usual Run Down

Not unlike most eikaiwa schools the teaching schedule is fairly heavy. 

  • 6 days of training is offered.
  • They use a canned curriculum. (In other words you don't need to create lessons you just follow their schedule.
  • They offer semi furnished Western style apartments - single occupancy with rent fluctuating between 50,000 yen per month to 70,000 yen in larger cities. Utilities are paid by the teacher.
  • Lessons are 40 minutes long of which as a full-time ESL teacher you would be required to teach between 37 and 40 lessons with a 10 minute break in between.
  • They also reimburse teachers for transportation to classes.
  • Contract signing bonus is offered after the first month of salary is paid out, however there is no mention as to how much this is.

They have a Customer satisfaction system in place as well. Bronze, silver and gold status (with increased per lesson remuneration) for instructors who score consistently highly in the monthly customer satisfaction survey.

Keep in mind that there are 2 sides to this coin and there have been complaints that salaries decrease if the students' customer satisfaction scores are low or that there are no raises.

As is typical of ESL teacher jobs, expect to work at least one day on the weekend as this is when most adult students have time for their lessons. Also unlike ALT schedules which start  in the mornings most eikaiwa work will begin in the afternoon.

Applicants should be forewarned that the 10 minute break in between lessons is not technically a paid break. The company has been battling General Union regarding the technicalities of what is paid and what is not. As well as issues on health insurance / pension payments.

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