Tokyo Tourism - A List of Some Fun, Delicious and Entertaining Things to do In Tokyo

A City With an Endless Array of Things To Do on Any BudgetA City With an Endless Array of Things To Do on Any Budget

Tokyo tourism and a nice video on the subject of  25 Things to do in this monster of a city.

Here our host Mark Wiens highlights some of the best things to take in if you are either working in Japan doing that ESL thing or are a tourist looking to find out whether or not Tokyo is really as slick, glitzy and overwhelming as it is cracked up to be. In just a bit over 18 minutes Mark will rifle through a sizable whack of information highlighting some things you may have in  your bucket list. And even if you don't have one perhaps it may inspire you to go and buy one to fill up. 

Tokyo Tourism at its Best:  25 Things to Consider Knocking Out  in the Glitz Megalopolis of Tokyo

Video Highlights at a Glance

Ameya -Yokocho Market - From army fatigues to snacks and cosmetics they have more stuff to sell than you have cash to buy it with even if you own a couple department stores.

Meiji Shrine - One of the most famous Shinto shrines in central Tokyo.

Ryogoku Kokugikan - Sumo attraction. Sumo musuem highlighting the rich history of the sport. A must see on the Tokyo tourism list if you are into the sport.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden - Located in central Tokyo. A nice and traditional tea house is adorned with traditional French and Japanese gardens.

Ginza -  Tokyo tourism off-the-hook. Wall to wall restaurants, boutiques and markets of every shape and size. Koka shita or the commercial area that runs underneath the train line is the home of gazillions of tiny shops where you can get quick noodles or stand and drink at their famous tachi (stand) nomi (drink) or standing bar. If it moves or used to move, you can find it and eat it in Ginza.

Tokyo Metro. Government Offices - Free panoramic view of Tokyo with a splash of shopping.

Tsukiji Fish Market - The wholesale fish market of the area. If you ever wondered where all that fish that winds up in the restaurants comes from you'll have a better idea after  you visit this brain-blurring auction where restaurateurs compete to get the best priced fish to fuel the insatiable customer desire for every kind of fish imaginable.

Shibuya Crossing -  45 degree angles is the central theme fueled by shoppers, workers and everyone else who had no better place to be. A famous street crossing  point where you definitely don't want to drop something and hope to get a shot at picking it up.

Sumida River - River cruising around a very spacious park.

Tokyo Imperial Palace-  The famous residence of the emperor of Japan. free tours are available upon reservation.

Ueno Park -  Museums, zoos and temples fill this truly massive park. Home of the famous Tokyo museum. Admission is free.

Tokyo Skytree -  1,000 yen admission. 634 meter communication tower that boasts a 70 km viewing range. viewing decks galore and a mall to boot.

Takashita Dori in Harajuku - A walking street primarily. where especially on the weekends the youthful will showcase talents and is considered a fashion high point of the area upstaged possibly by a mind-blowing number of snack shops that serve crepes.

Roppongi Hills in WinterRoppongi Hills in Winter

Sensoji Temple - a Historical treasure of Japan and one of the oldest temples in Japan dating back to 628. Free admission.

Edo Tokyo Musuem  - 600 yen admission. Design and theme is designated to the preservation of  the history of Tokyo.

Akihabara - Electronic mecca of Japan. Games, software you name it. If you can plug it into AC or DC its there.

Tokyo Stock Exchange - Free. Information museum.

Roppongi - Skyview Observatory gives you a great view . Raging night life. Packed with foreigners as it's a favorite hangout for those who are into clubbing, dancing and drinking. 

Tokyo Winter Illumination Guide. Roppongi and More!

Odaiba - Nice restaurants and skyline views. Often called an entertainment island. Great views from one of the largest Ferris Wheels in Japan.

Yoyogi Park - Free admission. Another very large park with nice exercise tracks for bicycling and jogging enthusiasts.

Yezu - Free admission a quiet area nestled in beautiful landscapes. Gorgeous shrines surrounded in quietude. With very little development it retains its traditional culture and charm.

Public Baths (Onsen) - Common to all cities, Tokyo has more than their share of them. 450 yen for entrance which is typical bordering on cheap. All the hot water you could want for a relaxing soak. They often have outdoor baths. Fresh air and hot water - all around a nice combination.

Mount Takao - Outside of the center of Tokyo. A famous getaway from the glitz and crowds that characterizes central Tokyo. A "hot spot" for hiking buffs and exercise enthusiasts. Breathtaking mountain views and endless hiking trails wrapped around historical shrines all meticulously maintained and pretty much the hall mark of Tokyo tourism and Japanese tourism in general.

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