Japanese Audio Books - Another Great Way to Improve Your Skills 

Japanese audio books can be a really great way to improve your Japanese level. I know with all the free stuff flying around your head like twitter, pin interest, e-mails, Line It gets hard to figure out where you should focus your attention on. Unfortunately there isn't a simple answer to the question.

And then it gets even worse when you consider technologies like Face Book.  Endlessly distracting because it integrates so many social platforms. I personally call it a distracting or disruptive technology...Notifications, messages, event invitations, video, e-chat, live messaging, Youtube, Pinterest etc.

Japanese Audio Books

You get the picture, in fact you probably live the picture. The hours fly by and not a dog-gone thing gets done. This doesn't happen with audio books. It's just you, your favorite beverage and information input. Stuff you need and nothing you don't. That's what really separates learning Japanese audio book format so appealing and powerful.  Their are a lot of advantages to attacking Japanese language with audio and mp3 formats.

Japanese Audio Books Advantages

Probably the biggest advantage to studying Japanese in an online /electronic format is that it allows you to access high levels of Japanese that you couldn't normally read so it allows you to focus on your listening skills without getting distracted by struggling with the reading aspect of the language. Cross checking different kanji readings etc.

Another big advantage is it can teach you subtle nuances to pronunciation that reading doesn't allow. Things like teaching humor or sarcasm or the ability to instill deeply a feeling of determination, love, surprise or even fear via. voice is a powerful means of communication.  If  you doubt this for a second just think back about a scary movie you saw and how the soundtrack to the movie effected your experience of the movie.  This same concept exists in audio books. 

Audio books allow you to really feel the import & impact of the author's message to you...The point he's or she is  trying to make. They help you nail down linguistic nuance and feelings.

  Audio books can bring both literature and language to life.

  • Other great advantages to audio books are that they leave your hands free so you can do other things while you suck up the information. 
  • On a train loaded with screaming teen-age junior high school kids after teaching them all day long?  Tune them out with your audio book.
  • Doesn't take up space like regular books, (You'll especially love that when it comes time to move your belongings.
  • If you're a quick reader just crank up the speed and "power read through a chapter or two while you're doing the commute home or to work.
  • Studies indicate that core retention of information is the same as with using paper books but when we are talking about learning pronunciation there is no comparison to an audio book.

Plus with audio books you are using both senses, the decoding process the brain uses with letter recognition and the HUGE advantage of listening to native level spoken Japanese with transcripts so you can follow along / read along with the dialog until you got it down tight. Meaning, pronunciation and hearing is tight. 

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