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Burning Desire to Travel to Japan With My Family and Get an ESL Job


I have 3 small kids and a spouse, a degree, and a burning desire to travel! I am a native English speaker from the US. Is it possible to get an ESL job and a 2 bedroom apartment? I would have to have the job lined up before I came.

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Jul 30, 2019
Finding Jobs in Japan & Travelling With My Family
by: John

Hello There,

Firstly I hope that you have a 4 year degree as a 2 year degree won't cut it. If that is in fact the case, then yes it is possible.

There are a few things to think about. The biggest one is that in general, not always but in general companies that will sponsor you for a working visa are by in large companies like ECC, Nova Holdings, Aeon etc. They provide housing for their teachers and here's the rub.

These large eikaiwas usually have contracts with landlords who generally own small apartments like 1dks as the bulk of teachers who come here to teach ESL are single.

If you do in fact have a 4 year degree finding work probably won't be a problem but housing will be a bit of a challenge. They don't mandate that you live in "their" apartments so you are free to find your own usually but not always some mandate that you must live in their apartments. Why? Sometimes they have paid arrangements with the landlord or own the building outright.

But usually they do help out in dealing with landlords - especially the "No gaijin please type"). You'll have to ask the school if they have larger apartments. It's pretty much a case by case thing that people run into searching for housing in Japan.

With 3 kids, you'll need a 2LDK at the minimum so you're going to either have to have the cash to weather the storm as you look for housing. Or stay put until you can in fact line something up from the U.S. that has decent size apartments. Definitely doable but no small feat. You will have to ask questions and hope that the hiring managers actually answer your questions.

Also don't miss this "little" detail. If you get a working visa that doesn't mean your whole family piggy-backs on your visa. They all must get appropriate visas that suit their respective positions.

Be sure to take a look at the sitemap of this site as it breaks down the whole moving and getting a job in Japan into manageable steps. It's on the left NAV bar at the bottom entitled "Sitemap Steps".

Best of luck,


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