Arriving In Japan on a Tourist Visa

by Susan

If I arrive on a tourist visa, is it realistic to believe I can find a job in only 3 months? What are my chances?

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Jan 21, 2018

by: John

Hi Susan,
There are quite a few overseas job opportunities in Japan especially considering how timely your e-mail is. We are running head-on into spring which is the prime hiring time for ESL teachers to find work in Japan.

Your question is a bit general but to be definitive in our answer we would say yes you can find a teaching job within 3 months. Many do. But you need to be realistic about things.

Firstly you have to be organized. Resume well written, professional appearance. Outgoing/ happy persona. You need to project a feeling to the interview manager that you will not be a headache. Or will break contract from culture shock and go home etc. That you want to teach and are looking forward to it. In other words
put your best foot forward.

Teachers who come off as unenthusiastic, nervous or scared of course have more trouble finding work. So the long and short of it is it depends on your character. Be outgoing and cheerful and you stand a great chance. Take a look at our site map - there is a lot of info. on this as well. Also having teaching certification will help quite a bit.

the i-to-i online TEFL course

I hope this helps and good luck

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