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Japanese Language Learning Software and Bookstore (soon to come).

Welcome to our Japanese Language Learning Software. The bookstore that will be soon to come will be hosted by Amazon so all of your shopping will be totally secure.
We will hand pick some excellent Japanese language resources. In this store you will find:

  • Japanese books on grammar.
  •  Guides on how to use particles correctly
  • Verb dictionaries
  • Hiragana and Katakana workbooks
  • Hiragana and Katakana flash cards
  • Kanji workbooks
  • Kanji flashcards
  • Learning Japanese via. Manga
  • Language learning software

And just about anything else we thought might be useful in your studies. Make sure to take a look at our own Japanese lessons  home page that deal with study techniques,  how to study Japanese more effectively, plus a clear break down on verb and adjective conjugation etc. And if you are ready for finding a job in Japan hit that page as well for the latest work available in Japan. We sincerely hope this gets  you going on your studies and or gives you the edge that you need to get started on your quest. 

Remember it is just a language so chop it down word by word and sentence by sentence. It's not a monster. And although it is big it is not infinite! So get to it  one hack at a time and that is all that it takes.

Millions have learned this language. You can too. And if you are already in the country and hear some stuff like "Japanese is the most difficult language in the world" from some guy on a train to just happened to be sitting next to you, he is sitting next to you and is practicing his English on you. You are simply "benkyo dai" to him. (Or someone that he /she just practices their English on).

If you are still abroad meaning not in Japan yet and are wishing to get your first experience teaching in Japan definitely check out Japanese Pod 101. Seriously a load of free pod casts and a DIRT cheap subscription plan so

go Get Them They're Free!! - Study Japanese Online with Free Daily Podcasts

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