Not so Good 1 year and I'm Out

by Micheal

In my first year, I had to work six days a week. Some months I had only two days off.

2. There was a point where I did 30+ hours of overtime, but I got 0 yen for it.

3. There were optional events that were never really optional. It didn't matter if I had a fever.

4. I wasn't allowed to take a day off work.

5. I had less than the required amount of vacation.

6. I was told that it was not worth training me since I was expected to leave after one year. So, I paid for my training by going to TESOL workshops. I am sorry that my initial experience was negative.

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Nov 05, 2019

by: John

Hi Micheal,

From my long experience teaching, I also have seen my share of crappy, insensitive and rude employers. Also some darn good ones that honestly cared. You probably don't want to read this but I think it comes down to luck of the draw.

We wrote somewhere on the site, (can't remember where as the site is getting big)that when you run into such an employer you have to come out guns a blazin' and blow out of there like the place is on fire. Don't be rude but leave no doubt in their mind, you are not a carpet to be walked on.

Sorry to hear of your trouble but if you think teaching in Japan is worth it you might consider giving another shot. If not there surely are greener pastures elsewhere.

Best of luck

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