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Online TEFL Courses - My TEFL's 120 Hour Online Course Review

My TEFL breaks their most popular 120 hour purely online course down into 8 modules.

Each module has a heavy review and consolidation that concludes each module helping drive the module's core concepts home for maximizing student retention. A
dditional resources are extensive as compared to other online TEFL providers.

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty break down on what this course is actually made of, we want to give JET Programme participants a quick heads up on a pretty big money saver...

Yet another great reason to crank up your TEFL qualifications and your paycheck with My TEFL is that My TEFL participates in both the Clair Grant Program and the the JLPT Grant Program. Folks it doesn't get any better than free money for education. So if you are currently a JET participant and want to brighten your future and crank-up your teaching skills on the cheap My TEFL can help you with this.

Can we make this deal any sweeter?  We can try.

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Mytefl's 120 Hour Online Course Discount

Online TEFL Courses & an Introduction to My TEFL's Course
Their 120 hour course begins with an introduction on the TEFL industry in general. What it's all about gets answered here. As well as what types of ESL teaching positions one can expect following the completion of the course.

General information:
Course enrollees examine the different kinds of motivations English learners bring to the ESL classroom. A child's motivation for learning English might be purely because they enjoy playing games with other children and enjoy singing English songs and dances.

This is vastly different from an adult who needs improved English skills in order to advance in his or her career path or even begin an occupation that requires good skills in English. Each student has a different motivation for studying English and learn and develop cognitively at different rates. My TEFL enrollees will learn the basics on language and cognitive learning theories as it applies to different age groups.

This is further broken down into subcategories of learners core motivations. Intrinsic and extrinsic student motivations are compared and analyzed in this part of the module.

TEFL Certificate Courses With My TEFL

Teaching Approaches:

In this module, students learn about the inductive and deductive strategies, as well as how to effectively use the Present, Practice and Production model (PPP).  The PPP model is the methodology of how to introduce a language to EFL students. MyTEFL students are shown a variety of methods to explain meaning and construction along with multiple examples and case studies to pound down this most accepted means of teaching EFL. The PPP model is broken down into separate components and examples are given for students to work with.

TEFL Certificate Courses & Classroom Management:
In this module enrollees are taught about the importance of creating and implementing the most effective rules with your students that you will be teaching to nuture and develop a professional relationship with them. Limitations and boundaries on this relationship are also discussed.

In addition to this the enrollee is also taught or coached on teaching habits that instill confidence in the teacher and helps him or her project that "been there and done that" level of professionalism by proper use of body language, voice control and even goes as far as posture of the teacher. (What do  you think of when you see a teacher slumping over in their chair)?

The module also contains quite a bit of information on seating arrangements in the classroom helping the teacher to maintain control in the classroom and ways of monitoring the students in order to give solid feedback to the student. This fosters a positive and cooperative attitude in the student which helps the teacher in turn to reduce discipline problems that he or she might have otherwise run into.

How to give clear and understandable instructions to students is also covered so students know what is expected of them. This helps the teacher manage his or her time in the classroom more wisely and helps the teacher to avoid confusing students.

The My TEFL course will also cover different approaches towards solving common problems teachers find themselves in in the classroom.  Different ways of looking at overcoming common challenges ESL teachers are confronted with are exhaustively discussed. All age groups are discussed so that no matter where the teacher may find himself or herself they have been adequately prepared.

Different angles, if you will, of looking at solving a problem. A virtual tool kit of options is given to the teacher to help them with handling issues that crop up with various age groups. For example,  okay so option "A" didn't work. Fine. What dynamic in the class wasn't addressed? After finding this,  option "B" should be considered. All of these commonly used tools of the trade are then worked into their testing and review and consolidation process that wraps up the module so that when you are done with that module you know it cold. 

Online TEFL Courses  With My TEFL

Online TEFL Certification and the Core Curriculum

Teaching Reading:
Learning reading as an ESL student is different than how a native learner studies or learns reading. The reading module begins by learning about the various sub-skills and types of reading. These are things like inferring the meaning of a text, guessing at text contexts if not know and skimming.

Actual case studies then back all of this up and practical assignments are provided to My TEFL enrollees The final section of the module covers the importance of incorporating extensive reading into an EFL program, and goes the extra step and show you how to successfully do it at various levels and age groups.

Teaching Writing:
Although some TEFL courses skip or reduce the time they spend on the teaching of writing skills, My TEFL covers the basic skills as well as sub skills involved in teaching writing.

Not just how to teach  the mechanical formation of letters, but you'll learn how to teach the sub skills or stages of writing. Brainstorming topics, basic grammar that is necessary in writing. Sentence and paragraph formation etc.You'll also learn why it is important to teach writing.  It's value as an indispensable part of the core curriculum.

The writing module provides a variety of examples, as well as a dedicated section on simplified essay construction and formats. All of this is then rounded out with a section on providing effective, and carefully thought out feedback of pupils written text.

Teaching Speaking: 
Students learn about the development of linguistics and how this will play a role in class planning. Fluency and accuracy are presented, as well as multiple case studies and examples of effective,

The course targets exercises that can be used in actual classroom situations. Common communication strategies like information gaps, collaboration activities and various tips cover a variety of ways teachers can achieve speaking goals for their students communication needs. The module is rounded off with specific advice on providing feedback on speaking performance.

Teaching Listening: 
Students cover the principles of effective listening skills and sub-skills development.  Listening for core principles of a conversation as well as listening for details in a conversation. So course enrollees will learn how to teach critical top down and bottom up listening skills 

A variety of exercises and activities are presented, including video and electronic whiteboard based lessons. And like the other skills you'll learn to teach in this course, the speaking section has multiple sub modules woven throughout the  section. Each sub module has review and consolidation quizzes that immediately follow  that you complete to make sure that you understand the material you were presented with. 

This makes getting through the sections easier because it is broken off into bite-size pieces that prevents information overload on the enrollee. With this rock solid systematic quiz and review system built into the entire course platform, when finished you'll know that without a doubt you'll be able to use this knowledge where it counts - the classroom.

Online TEFL Courses:
My TEFL 120 Hour Course Review

My Choice

Coursebooks, the backbone of all TEFL certificate courses. They come in all shapes and sizes from the ground and pound grammar texts, to texts on idioms, conversation topics, picture based texts with listening comprehension modules you name it and there is a text book out there that will cover ESL student needs. With so much to choose from the problem for the teacher becomes one of selection.

My TEFL course enrollees are introduced to the different types and levels of EFL coursebooks. They are provided with a guide on common language progression within most coursebook series, and given the tools to select an appropriate one for their class(es).

They are guided on how and when to modify coursebook material. So for example when a class is unable to stay on pace with the course as outlined teachers are shown how to make modifications to an existing curriculum to get things back on track. So the how, when and why of  Specific Purpose Texts are discussed at the end of the module.

With the growth of the internet and the rapid expansion in interconnectivity of EFL resources, course enrollees  are introduced to common and not so common teaching resources found in typical EFL classrooms around the world. They  are shown  how to most effectively incorporate  these technologies into their lessons to make the most of any given lesson they may be required to teach.

Curriculum Planning:
Just as every student is different, the same can be said of educational institutions. Although many schools have set or fixed curricula schools allow teachers a fair amount of sway in how any given curriculum is implemented. Because these situations occur, My TEFL students are taught  how to assess program goals, student proficiency, analyze and select course materials, and how to create a teaching schedule.

Lesson Planning:
Whether a curriculum is in place or not, TEFL teachers need to know how to structure, layout and process an effective lesson plan for day to day teaching. So a sequencing of plans is necessary to ensure continuity in the curriculum. My TEFL graduates learn the crucial skills of how to tie the module on lesson planning into curriculum planning for a comprehensive, rounded course of study.

Students complete intensive grammar modules that cover critical parts of speech, all verb tenses, use of modals, conjunctions, particles definite and indefinite, adjectives, adverbs as well as other common aspects of  grammar.

Modal & Stative Verbs:
Course enrollees are shown the most appropriate strategies to present and practice these important grammar points so that  students can quickly understand the differences and use them correctly.

Further Language:
The 120 hour course also  covers lexis, or the totality of words in a language and how they function. Phonology  or phonics is also covered in solid depth enabling course enrollees to handle problems with pronunciation should they run into them during the course of instructing.

What makes for a good test? How do  you validate whether a test is a reliable means of measuring what the student really knows? In this module, students learn about the various aspects of testing and how to balance validity, reliability, appropriacy and practicality of a testing methodology. Strategies to increase the reliability and practicality are examined, and students are taught how to actually  construct tests, and incorporate these test into a curriculum to aid in assessment of what needs to be changed in the class should  their be such a necessity. 

In Conclusion and on a More Personal Note: Not All                     TEFL Certificate Courses are the Same

A TEFL certificate is something that you can take with you no matter where you go for the rest of your teaching journey. My TEFL gives  you unlimited support and help with finding new work positions in any of the countries that they have contacts in. So after completing your course you're still plugged into their vast network of contacts for as long as you need them for not only jobs but teaching resources as well.

Completion Time: How Long is This Going  to Take?

Even at a pace of 2 or 3 hours per day your average teacher can make a decent dent in getting through the course. Of course every student is different but some real go-getters can get through the course in just 6 weeks.

TEFL Certificate Courses and Some Notable Differences
My TEFL's course also tracks your progress so you know how much you have completed and how much that remains for you to study so you can make adjustments in your personal schedule and meet any timing commitments you may have.

And lastly as noted at the top of the page, current JET Program participants are eligible for grant money TEFL certificate courses via the Clair and JLPT Grant programs. 

Check Out the Mytefl 120 Hour Online Course Here

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