I Hated My First Eikaiwa Job But Loved My ALT Job

by James
(Michigan USA)

Eikaiwa Was Crippling. Alt Work Was Wonderful

Eikaiwa Was Crippling. Alt Work Was Wonderful

So here is my story. Like most I jumped into the first job I was offered and it was eikaiwa. My manager sucked. He could not accommodate even the slightest request and completely lacked the ability to see things from any perspective other than his own or what he was told to do by his boss. Plus I was stuck out in the boonies. Needless to say, I didn't renew.

I moved on and got a job as an Alt. It was like a slice of heaven! The Japanese staff had a sense of humor were fun to work with or for and made me feel like I was part of the team. They didn't work me like a dog like my prior job. The city was nicer and had more to offer. Plus the schedule was fixed and I wasn't working at early mornings with kids and nights teaching adults so I could pursue other hobbies. It made life much easier. I made lots of friends and have fond memories.

A parting word of advice for those wanting to take the plunge would be don't put off trying to learn the language. It makes everything well... just harder. When you can speak a bit it opens so many doors.

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Aug 03, 2019

by: John

Hi James,
Thank you for the contribution to our site. A lot of people who venture to the east encounter a rough landing as you did. The big difference is those who get knocked down and stay down and those who think "Ok now, I'm pissed and it's time to kick some %$#." Glad to hear you made it work.

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