Can I Get a Job Offer With Just a TEFL Certification

by Ignas

I've noticed that most job offers require not only TEFL certificate, but a university degree. Is it realistic to expect to find an offer after only having finished high school yet having finished appropriate TEFL courses?

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Jan 14, 2018

by: John

Hi Ignas,
Japan is a tough country too get a visa from without a degree. The other way to get a visa is to apply for For those applying under Specialist in International Services Visa.
This is applicable where the Applicant will engage in activities that require ways of thinking or sensibilities that have their foundations in a foreign culture. The basic requirements are as follows:

The Applicant must plan to engage in activities such as translating, interpreting, language instruction, public services, transactions between Japan and overseas, fashion, interior design, or product development.
The Applicant must have at least three years' relevant experience. On many sites they say you must have 10 years of experience but 3 years will do it. Of course three years experience is not required if you graduated from a university and plan to engage in translation, interpretation, or language instruction which is not your case.

What this means is that you need to be a specialist in the area. So for example you could not get a visa for being a cashier or hair dresser at some place. So if any Japanese could do it i.e. cut hair, they will not issue you a visa because you can cut hair as they can just hire a Japanese.

But for example you are a specialist in Lithuanian cooking this is a special skill you have. So for example in this case a Japanese who is opening a restaurant that specializes in Lithuanian cuisine and can't find a real cook who can cook authentic Lithuanian food he might sponsor you and help you get your visa as a cook. So your qualification as a specialist allows you to get a visa. Does this make sense? I hope so.

Good luck to you

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