41 Super Useful Basic Japanese Phrases
To Help You Get Going in the Classroom

Yup, We heard your requests for some basic Japanese phrases for use in the classroom. So here they are. (You can stop e-mailing us now). This lesson is for those teaching the kiddies in the trenches or are soon to.

Because this lesson focuses on kids, we're going to have to assume here that the adults you may be teaching or will teach know the meaning of "open your book please." If they don't you might want to consider changing schools). One quick word of warning though. Most employers don't like it when their teachers use Japanese in the classroom. Just a heads up eh.

Also, you should move away from using these basic Japanese phrases as soon as you can. (One good method is to say the Japanese phrase first and then immediately follow it with the English equivalent so that you can "mainstream" that English term and get them used to hearing it). After all the kiddies are there to learn English right? Ok, enough said.

Please sit down suwatte kudasai
Please stand up tatte kudasai
Please open your book hon o akete kudasai
Please close your book hon o tojite kudasai
Please take out a pen or pencil pen ka enpitsu o dashite kudasai
Please take out a red pen akai pen o dashite kudasai
Please take out an eraser keshigomu o dashite kudasai
Please turn to page 41 youjuichi page ni shite kudasai
Let's begin hajimemashoo
Let's sing utaimashoo
Let's read this page kono page o yomimashoo
Let's dance (the jungle song) jungle utai o  odorimashoo
Let's make a circle maru o shite kudasai
Let's make 3 lines mitsu no retsu ni shite kudasai
Let's make a bigger circle maru mo chotto okiku shimashoo
Please say it in a louder voice mo chotto okina koe dashite kudasai
Please say it in a smaller voice mo chotto chisaina koe itte kudasai
Raise your hand if you know the answer kotae ga wakareba te o agete kudasai
    Things that you might say during a test or for control in the classroom
Please be quiet. shizukani shite kudasai
Let's stop goofing around. fuzaketeiru koto yamemashoo
We have a test today. kyo wa testo ga arimasu
Let's review before the test. Testo suru mae fukushushimashoo
If the answer is correct, circle it kotae ga tadashikatara maru ni shite
Please sit up straight in your chair. chanto suwarimashooka
Let's clean up our classroom. kyoshitsu o kirei ni shimashoo
Next week is a test to please study for it, raishi testo aru node benkyo shite kudasai
Don't look at your classmate's study paper benkyo aite no kami o minaide kudasai
This week's homework is page 3. konshu no shukudai wa 3 page desu
We don't have homework this week konshu shukudai ga arimasen
What do you think the answer is? kotae wa nan deshoo ka
Is this the correct answer? kono kotae tadashii deshoo ka
Is there a mistake in this sentence? kono bunsho ni machigae arimasuka
Can you read this sentence/ word? kono bunsho/tango yomereru
Do you understand how to do it? shikata ga wakarimasuka
                     Things you might say persoanlly to a student
Let's try a little harder shall we? mo chotto ganbarimashooka
You did a great job! yoku dekimashita
See you in two weeks sairaishuu ni aimashoo
Goodbye sayonara
See you next week raishu ni aimashoo
Your pronuncation is good! hatsuon ga hontoni ii

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