Australian / Greek ESL Teacher, Jobs in Japan & Finding Affordable Accommodations

by Maria

Will I be Able to Find Affordable Accommodations in Tokyo?

Will I be Able to Find Affordable Accommodations in Tokyo?

Hi there!

Your site is so helpful. Congratulations! I am a Greek Australian ESL teacher wishing to teach in Tokyo. I currently work in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

What scares me is how will I be able to find accommodations in Tokyo at the prices
you mention.
Is there any way you could help more? I am a member of Couchsurfing so you are most welcome to come and visit Ethiopia!

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Aug 05, 2019

by: John

Hello Maria,
Thanks for posting a comment. Okay, yes the rents are higher in Tokyo. We go into this heavily in a bunch of posts. Make sure to check the site map. We write about it a bit here and there. Now you haven't mentioned if you are single etc. If you are just by yourself then you should be looking at a 1dk.

Yes rents are higher. But that is offset by higher salaries. Not a lot higher but they give you more.
We break it down here. The key to covering your expenses and having a decent life comes down to 3 basic elements.

1). And you already have this one covered is don't own a car. If you're in Tokyo you don't need one. 2). Really, if you're by yourself just get a 1dk. Any more than that is a waste. 3. Lastly watch out about eating and drinking out excessively. This creates the biggest swing or becomes the biggest determining factor in whether you're living paycheck to paycheck or not. Lastly really the further you are from the train station the faster the rents fall. And stay out of those ridiculous areas like Shinjuku.

If you keep these things in mind and are working full-time at the going rate yes you can afford living in Tokyo. In fact you'll be saving some cash as well.
Best of luck!

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