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Nifty Nihongo - Cool Japanese Expressions and Proverbs. # 6 "Ba-Chigai
August 17, 2019

Nifty Nihongo E-Zine Proverbs & Expressions # 6

Hi Folks,

Thank you for subscribing. In our newsletter we focus on the most common and widely used proverbs or kotowaza as they are called in Japanese. We also mix it up with expressions that are not technically proverbs but are commonly heard sayings. Regardless, if they are not commonly used, we don't write about them.

We will also keep vocabulary within common limits as the point is to teach how the expression is used and not to inundate the reader with words that he or she probably won't use. I am not sure the last time I used "covalent bond" in English. And I bet I won't use it in Japanese.

Words in parenthesis are in translations in order to make the English translation not sound awkward, but normally would not be said in Japanese because they give an oddness to the nuance.

The use of "X" is like in mathematics. It means a variable. Something, someone, somewhere, somehow etc.

For those of you who have an interest in studying katakana and hiragana, these translations are also provided in addition to romaji or roman letter translations and they are in a blue colored font to increase readability.

BA-Chigai 場違い

Here's a very useful and commonly used expression.So let's rip into the background and then ramp things up so you can get it into use.

The Background Meaning & a Bit More Depth

Ba-chigai is a combination of two words. Ba is an inflection of "basho" meaning a place. "Chigai" is a noun and it is an inflection from the verb "chigau". It has the meaning of difference or discrepancy.

So let's rip into the background and then ramp things up so you can get it into use.

Ba-Chigai And Its Modern Use

So what this means in its modern day usage is that something (x) is out of place or that it doesn't belong in some setting. or that it is unsuitable for a given use or application of (x).

Clear so far? Okay now that we understand it conceptually, let's move on to the next step of actual use.

Let's Roll Out Some Common Examples, so You Can Use Them in Conversation.

Situation #1 setting. Two friends are talking to each other or gossiping if you will about someone else.

Person A says: Can you believe it! He attended the wedding ceremony wearing clothes inappropriate for the occasion.

Shinjirarenai! Kare wa kekkon-shiki ni ba-chigai na fukuso de shusseki shita.

Hiragana Translation:しんじられない! かれ は けっこんしき に ばちがい な ふくそう で しゅっせき した。

Kanji Translation: 信じられない! 彼 は 結婚式 に 場違い な 服装 で 出席 した。

Situation #2 Setting. Friends or co-workers talking to each other in a "tachinomi" (called a standing bar or bar without seating or chairs.)

"Being that this is a tachinomi I wouldn't expect to see her here."

Tachinomi ni kanojo ga iru no wa, ba-chigai ja arimasen ka?

Hiragana Translation:たちのみ に かのじょ が いる の は ばちがい じゃ ありません か?

Kanji Translation:立ち飲み に 彼女 が いる の は 場違い じゃ ありません か?

Situation #3 Setting. Person A is talking about his boss's old way of thinking because of his age.

Person A Says: "As I thought, being so old, his way of thinking is so out of date.

Omotta toori, kare wa toshiue dakara, kare no kangaekata wa ba-chigai datta.

Hiragana Translation:おもった とおり、 かれ は としうえ だから、 かれ の かんがえかた は ばちがい だった。

Kanji Translation:思った 通り、 彼 は 年上 だから 彼 の 考え方 は 場違い だった。

Situation #4 Setting: A couple having a date at a sushi shop.

Person A:Because today is our first date, I made a reservation at a high-end sushi shop.

Person B: Given how I am dressed, I'll be a bit out of place.

Hiragana Translation Person A: きょう は ふたり の はじめて の デート だから、 こうきゅう な すしてん を よやく したよ!
Hiragana Translation Peron B: ええっ、 わたし の ふくそう、 ばちがい じゃ ない?

Kanji Translation Person A: 今日 は 二人 の 初めて の デート だから、 高級 な 寿司店 を 予約 したよ!
Kanji Translation Person B :ええっ、私の服装、場違いじゃない?

Situation #5 Setting: Two People talking about going to a party.

Person A: Tonight because there is a party let's drink a lot and have fun.

Person B: I don't feel so well and don't really want to drink...I'm wondering if I'll feel out of place.

Hiragana Translation Person A:こんや は パーティー だから、 たくさん のんで たのしもう!

Hiragana Translation Person B: きょう は たいちょう が よくない から おさけ を のみたく ない のだけど、ばちがい に ならない かな?

Kanji Translation Person A:今夜 は パーティー だから、たくさん 飲んで 楽しもう!

Kanji Translation Person B: 今日 は 体調 が よくない から お酒 を 飲みたく ない のだけど、場違い に ならない かな…?



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Okay that's it for now, so until the next time take care and crack them books!

To your success in Japanese,

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