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Sometimes to study Japanese online is the only way  super busy people can begin the daunting task of taking on the challenge of learning a new language. Time and money for studying the language of the third biggest economy in the world is a pretty big lure for most but with a hectic schedule and money you'll have to lay out, sometimes the only really viable route to getting started with studying Japanese is to study the Japanese language online at first.

After all, it doesn't get much more convenient then downloading Japanese audio lessons or logging into an online study course and get the ball rolling.

Why Study Japanese Online?

Study Japanese onlineStudy Japanese Online

But first and foremost, why even bother studying Japanese? After all, you could spend your time studying Spanish, Russian or any other language for that matter.

There are a host of reasons for studying Japanese and if you have spent anytime on this site, you know how focused we are on teaching English in Japan....hence the site name:) An area we didn't really touch on so much in this site is how speaking Japanese can really make a big difference in the QUALITY of your teaching and living experience in Japan.

For one thing, those ESL teachers who can speak Japanese often have a much easier time handling culture shock.

Because folks when all the shine begins to where thin and you start feeling alone and missing your home 2 things happen. One. You either surround yourself with foreigners and sort of shut out Japan or two, you embrace the language and try to make it your own.

Those who choose to grab the bull by the horns and start studying Japanese online, in books and in the streets and bars overall have a WAY more positive and fulfilling  experience teaching in Japan then the foreign teacher who locks himself away with his or her Canadian, American or Australian friends etc.

It also has a drastic impact on some of the sweetest things a teaching stint in Japan can offer....a Japanese girlfriend or boy friend. For many this is one of the biggest motivators out there and often is the big difference between those who pack it in within 2 or 3 years. We also touch on it on our FAQ page.

Our gracious hosts at Japanese Pod 101,  Alisha and Risa lay it out pretty good right here in the video right below.

Go Get Them They're Free!! - Study Japanese Online with Free Daily Podcasts

But some of the basic points made are something to give some thought to. So in keeping with stoking the fire of  "Why study Japanese"  whether you are studying it online or in a classroom here we go.

Some Advantages of Studying Online Japanese

  • It doesn't get any more convenient then working your way to the bottom of a cup of joe in your p.js while drinking in the language of the third largest economy.

  • It opens business pathways for you and brightens your future. this isn't just a bunch of bunk. We have staff writers that got jobs at Kawashima Textiles USA because they spoke decent Japanese.

  • It also opens the way to higher paying university teaching jobs

  • Believe it or not, it actually delays the onset of mental  slowness such as Alzheimer's disease and other mental deficiencies. Not exactly something to be taken lightly as you may not know, 1 in 9 over the age or 65 get it. And you know we love facts and figures right? That adds up to 5.4 million people not remembering some pretty darn basic things.

  • Want to own your own school?  Don't even think about it if you can't speak Japanese to some degree. And folks that's where the really FAT MONEY is in teaching in Japan.

  • If you are into Japanese pop culture whether it be J-pop or their "manga" or comic books, we need say no more.

  • And it's not quite as daunting knowing that already 10% of Japanese words come from English. However be forewarned that their unrelenting urge to abbreviate or hack-down English combined with their radically different pronunciation will present a fun decoding challenge.

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