Teaching in Japan.  Is it Right For You?

Common Myths About Teaching and Living in Japan.
Teaching in Japan is a Total Piece of Cake. Or is it?
Are You Sure You're Cut Out to be an ESL Teacher?
How Does Japan Compare to Other Asian ESL Destinations Like China? Compare Salary, Housing etc.
What is Culture Shock? Tips for Coping With it. Understanding it.
Is it Possible to Save Money on a Typical Teacher's Salary? Expenses Breakdown.
Experiences and Stories From Teachers in Japan. 
What About Job scams? How recruiters trick ESL teachers into dead-end jobs.
Teaching Contracts  and What to Look Out For.
Teaching ESL and What to Expect in the Classroom.

If You Are All in at This Point ...

Where Should You Teach and For Whom?

A Step by Step Overview on How to Get a Job Teaching in Japan.
ALT vs. Eikaiwa - What's Best for You?  Compare Working Condition, Salary.
Choosing a City - Pros and Cons of Big & Small City Living.
ESL Jobs in Japan - Tokyo. How Many Jobs Are There? You'll be Surprised.
Choosing a School - Pros and Cons of Big & Small ESL Schools.
Nova, Berlitz, ECC, Aeon Salary and Benefits Comparison chart .
The Basics on the Jet Program
Do's and Don'ts for the Jet Program- More on the Jet Program.
The Basics on Being an ALT.
Amity English School. What't it like working at a children's school. Working conditions, salary etc.

Documents You'll Need

Getting Your U.S. Passport - Fees, Locations, How Long it Takes.
Canadian Passport - Application, Fees, etc.
Australian Passport - Application, Fees, etc.
U.K. Passport - Application, Fees, etc.
Australian Working Holiday Visa -Rules, Restrictions, Duration etc.
Tourist Visa Info. for Japan from MOFA.

Preparation Steps

Choosing the Right Resume Format - That Fits Your Career Situation.
How to write a teaching resume to get a job in Japan.
10 Tips and Step by Step Guide to a Strong Resume.
Take a Look at a "Typical" Teaching Contract.
ESL Interview Tips - What Kind of Teacher Schools Look For.
6 Things English Schools Look for in Teachers.
Your Aeon Interview  - Tips and Advice For Your Interview.
ECC  Interview Advice and Tips for Their Grammar Test.
Renting a Cellphone in Japan.
Getting a Cell Phone That Actually Works in Japan.
Teaching Jobs in Japan - Tips for Getting That First Job.
University Teaching Jobs - The New Reality in Finding One.

Getting Qualified to Teach With TEFL Certification

Do You Need a TEFL Certificate?
How to Pick a Solid Online TEFL Course.
Using TEFL Placement Agencies to Get Your First Job.
Online TEFL Comparison Chart. Compare Prices & Features at a Glance
How Much Do Language Schools in Japan Value TEFL Certificates?
Help & Advice with Picking the Right Length TEFL Course.
What Career Advantages Should One Expect From getting TESOL certification?
Onsite TEFL Programs vs. On-line. Which One is Right for You?
The Top 3 Destinations for TEFL Teachers.

Finding An Apartment in Japan

A Typical Japanese Apartment - What They Actually Look Like.
Renting Your Own Apartment  - How to Do it. What to Expect. How Much Does it Cost?
Gaijin or Guest Houses - A Cheaper Way to Get Yourself Set-up in Japan. Contracts and Things to Watch Out For.
Japanese Studio Apartments. How They Look & How to Maximize Space.
A Closer Look at a "Typical" Tokyo Apartment .
Tatami Mats & Tatami to Sq. Meter to Sq. Foot Conversion Table. Understanding How Big a 10 Tatami Room Actually is. 

Let's Learn Japanese On-line

Learn Japanese; Main Lesson Index

Lesson 1 - Language Learning Tips. Save Time. Save Brain Space.
Lesson 1.1  - The Advantages of Studying Japanese On-line & Some Cool Facts That You Probably Didn't Know.
Lesson 1.2 - Audio Files and Info. on Crucial Aspects of Japanese Pronunciation.
Lesson 1.3 - Amazon's Most Highly Reviewed and Hottest Selling Grammar Texts. Real Customer Reviews From Folks Who Bought and Use Them.
Lesson 1.4 - Hiragana charts. Get started learning hiragana with charts that show stroke order plus some wall charts from Amazon.
Lesson 2  - Basic Japanese Greetings and Expressions.
Lesson 3  - Basic Japanese Noun Sentences Like - "I am a student.
Lesson 4  -  Japanese Adjectives. "i" ending type. How to use "ne".
Lesson 5 Japanese Nouns. Using Kono, Sono, Ano and More.
Lesson 6  - Counting, Nouns & the Particle "yo".
Lesson 7Japanese Verbs, How to Say Please (X), the Particle "O"  and Days of the Week.
Lesson 8  - Negative Usages. How to say "It's Not a (X) and  How to Use "san", "kun" and  "chan".
Lesson 9 How to Conjugate "na" Adjectives & "koto" vs. "mono".
Lesson 10 - Irregular Japanese Verbs, Seasons, Months and How to use the Particle "ni".
Lesson 11 41 Basic Japanese Phrases Used in the Classroom.
Lesson 12 - Learn Japanese Language Video Page

Rosetta Stone Japanese Software Review

               Learn Japanese Answer Index to All Lessons.

Our Jobs Page, Job Resources & Free Stuff 

Job Postings - Find a Job in Japan on Our Job Board. Full-time work.
More Job Postings - Mostly Part-Time Work in Japan
Basic Japanese Grammar Books A Nice Group of the Top Sellers.

Other Sites That Have Job Listings For Teaching Abroad
Ohayo Sensei.Com
Dave's ESL Cafe
Gaijin Pot.Com

Japanese Apartment & Teaching Videos

Get a Good Look Into a Typical JET Apartment
A Typical Day of Teaching in Japan
Scenes From Your Average High School If you're an ALT this is one video you'll find at least amusing.

Just Before You Go

Tips for Surviving the Flight to Japan
Packing Tips, Info. on What to Bring - and things you can leave behind.
Check out the weather in your favorite Japanese city. Plus temp. averages.  Find out what you are in for when the jet hits the tarmac.
Facts about Japan. Crime stats, Suicide, literacy, population facts etc.

Japanese Etiquette & Living in Japan & Other Stuff

Japanese Etiquette
Eating out in Japan
Tell About Your Experiences Teaching in Japan Here
Chopstick Etiquette  When you're out to eat with students this page should be of some help.
Halloween in Japan - Some wacky stuff about how Japanese do it.

 Building Your Freelance Teaching Business. Making More Money by Teaching Free-lance in Japan

Owning Your Own School  How big money gets made in Japan.  Highly detailed blueprint /PDF on how to do it is in the works now.
Working Overseas Teaching Free-lance
Find jobs in Japan Using Teacher Employment Services You set your own hours, dress how you wish and can set  your pay rates.

Other Stuff

EMPLOYERS POST A JOB FOR FREE  - Just fill out 1 simple form.
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