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Planning Stages for Teaching English in Japan

  • Common Myths About Teaching and Living in Japan
  • Teaching in Japan is a total piece of cake. Or is it?
  • Are You Sure You're Cut Out to be an ESL Teacher?
  • A Step by Step Overview on How to Get a Job Teaching in Japan
  • Choosing a City: Pros and Cons of Big & Small City Living
  • Choosing a School: Pros and Cons of Big & Small ESL Schools
  • Nova, Geos, Berlitz, ECC, Aeon Salary and Benefits Comparison chart
  • Do's and Don'ts for the Jet Program
  • The Basics on the Jet Program
  • Stories and Experiences of Teachers in Japan
  • The Basics on Being an ALT

  • Documents You’ll Need

  • U.S., Canadian, U.K., & Australian Passport Info.
  • Working, Working Holiday and Tourist Visa Info.

  • Book Store, Job Resources & Free Stuff

  • Basic Japanese Grammar Books and Supplies
  • Job Postings
  • Links to Job Listing Sites.
  • Using Internet Yellow Pages to Find Teaching Jobs in Japan

  • Preparation Steps

  • Renting a Cellphone For Japan
  • Getting a Cell Phone That Actually Works in Japan
  • ESL Interview Tips
  • Teaching ESL and Common Problems in the Classroom
  • 6 Things English Schools Look for in Teachers
  • Info., Tips and Advice For Your AEON Interview
  • Info.,ECC Grammar Test and Interview Advice
  • Teaching Contracts & What to Look Out For
  • Take a Look at a "Typical" Teaching Contract
  • Choosing the Right Resume Format
  • 10 Tips and Step by Step Guide to a Strong Resume
  • Job scams. How recruiters trick ESL teachers into dead-end jobs

  • Tefl Courses

  • Do You Need a TEFL Certificate?
  • How to Pick a Decent Online TEFL Course
  • Using TEFL Placment Agencies to Get Your First Job
  • Online TEFL Comparison Chart. Compare Prices and Features at a Glance
  • How Much Do Language Schools in Japan Value TEFL Certificates?
  • Help & Advice with Picking the Right Length Course.
  • What Career Advantages Should One Expect From getting TESOL certification?
  • The Top 3 Destinations For TEFL Teachers.

  • Let's Learn Japanese! Lesson Index

  • Rosetta Stone Japanese Software Review
  • Language Learning Tips
  • Lesson 1 - Lesson Index
  • Lesson 2 - Basic Japanese Greetings and Expressions
  • Lesson 3 - Basic Japanese Noun Sentences "I am a student."
  • Lesson 4 - Describing Things With Japanese Adjectives
  • Lesson 5 - Using Kono, Sono, Ano and More
  • Lesson 6 - Counting, Nouns & the Particle 'yo'
  • Lesson 7 - Verbs, How to Say Please (X), the Particle 'O' &Weekdays
  • Lesson 8 - How to say "It's Not a (X) & How to Use 'san', 'kun' & 'chan'
  • Lesson 9 - How to Conjugate "na" Adjectives & 'koto' vs. 'mono'
  • Lesson 10 - Irregular Japanese verbs, seasons, months and the particle 'ni'
  • Lesson 11 - Basic Japanese Phrases Used in the Classroom
  • Learn Japanese Answer Index
  • Accommodations in Japan

  • Gaijin or Guest Houses
  • A Typical Japanese Apartment
  • Renting Your Own Apartment
  • Tatami Mats & Tatami to Sq. Meter to Sq. Foot Conversion Table
  • A closer look at a "typical" Tokyo apartment

  • Japanese Apartment & Teaching Videos

  • Get a Good Look Into a Typical JET Apartment
  • A Typical Day of Teaching in Japan
  • Scenes From Your Average High School

  • Just Before You Go

  • Tips for Surviving the Flight to Japan
  • Packing Tips, Info. on What to Bring
  • Check out the weather in your favorite Japanese city. Plus temp. averages
  • Facts about Japan. Crime stats, Suicide, literacy, population facts etc.
  • Coping With Culture Shock

  • Japanese Etiquette & Living in Japan
  • Japanese Etiquette
  • Eating out in Japan
  • Is it Possible to Save Money on a Typical Teacher's Salary?
  • Chopstick Etiquette

  • Building Your Freelance Teaching Business

  • Owning Your Own School
  • Making More Money by Teaching Free-lance
  • Find jobs in Japan using teacher employment services
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