If You're Going to Teach ESL in Japan,
You May be Signing Something Like This...

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This sample teaching contract is typical of what is used by English schools throughout Japan. Keep in mind that employers can and often do write almost anything in them.

Often you'll find statements that are outside of Japanese labor laws. Furthermore, established labor laws are the final word not the contract. If you found this sample teaching contract interesting, be sure to check out our page on what to watch out for in teaching contracts.

Sample Teaching Contract

This document provides that ____________________ incorporated, hereinafter known as the employer and __________________ hereinafter known as the employee, entered into a contract by mutual agreement under the following conditions:

Employee Contractual Duties:
The employee shall work at __________________ incorporated facilities or at locations decided by agreement with a ___________________ incorporated client, as a full-time foreign staff member.

Terms of Contract
This contract is valid for 12 months from __ / __/ 05 to ___ / __ / 06.

Work Schedules and Remuneration
The teacher will be required to teach up to five days per week. Any days between Monday and Saturday.

No more than 25 contact hours will be assigned per week.

Monthly salary of 250,000 yen will be paid on the last business day of each month.

Overtime shall be paid at the rate of 2000 yen per hour for every contact or teaching hour worked over 26 hours per week.

Office Hours and Other Duties
In addition to teaching hours, employee is responsible for keeping 5 office hours per week. Lesson planning, lesson notes and other office duties are to be performed during these hours.

Upon successful completion of this contract, eligible employees are entitled to a completion bonus of 100,000 yen.

Raises are offered to employees who successfully complete a minimum 1 year working contract. Remuneration is 1-3% of gross salary. Exact remuneration is determined by end of year review.

Employees will receive 2 weeks paid vacation. 1 week in August (Obon) and 1 week during Christmas in addition to 10 national holidays. See Company Policy Handbook for dates.

Employees without former ESL experience will complete 2 weeks of training in oreder to familiarize themselves with company teaching materials and methods. Employee will receive 1500 yen per hour for all hours clocked. Upon successful completion, employee will be remunerated as a full time instructor.

Teachers will be reimbursed for transportation costs to and from their residence. For any and all dispatch classes and for any other work-related transportation costs at months end. Transportation reimbursement is strictly limited to public transportation of trains and busses. Employee bears transportation costs to and from Japan.

Company Apartment
Employee agrees to paying of monthly rent in the amount of 55,000 yen. Employee is responsible for all utilities. Employee is responsible for returning apartment to its “original state” upon finishing his contract and will be deemed responsible for any and all unreasonable damages to company property. Employer reserves the right to deduct any and all expenses required in returning the company apartment to it original condition.

Apartment Key Money
Company agrees to paying all key monies to landlord in accordance with Japanese custom and law.

Visa Fees
Company agrees to the payment for all fees associated with securing a working visa and sponsorship for said employee.

Health Insurance Fees
Company agrees to pay premiums in full on employees behalf.

Work Attitude
The employee will follow the policies in the Company Policy Handbook in force on the date of the signing of this contract.

Contract Cancellation
Refusal to follow company policy as written in the Company Policy Handbook in force on the date of signing of this contract will be just cause for contract termination. Upon termination by employer Employee is entitled to payment for all days worked before the termination of said contract.

Both employer and employee agree to providing 1 months written notice of intent to terminate contract prematurely.Both employer and employee will both try to resolve any disagreement with all sincerity.

By signing this contract, ____________ acknowledges that I have read and understand its contents and that I have read and understand the Company Policy Handbook.




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