May I know the age limit of the applicants for a teaching job in Japan as an ALT?

If an applicant can speak English fluently and can also express himself well in writing, but has not finished his course in college, is there a chance for him to work as an Assistant Language Teacher?

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Dec 28, 2017
The age Limit For Working as an ALT and Degree Qualifications
by: John

Hi and thanks for submitting a comment to our site.

To begin with your question is a bit general because the market you are asking about is multi-faceted. What I mean is that there are schools that focus teaching English to just kids like Amity English School. This is a typical large chain English school in the private sector.

Also in the private sector are adult eikaiwa schools like ECC, Geos, Gaba, Berlitz etc. And of course there are thousands of small schools all over the country - big cities and small.

Then there are private universities, high schools and junior high schools. Competition is tough here as ESL salaries are higher and they carry more weight on your resume.

Then there is the public sector. Like The Jet program run by the government and Assistant language teacher or ALT positions as they are termed which Interac is the big player. But this is changing slowly.

Getting to the point the biggest hurdle is to have a 4 year degree. Without one, your resume or application will get tossed in a blink of an eye. No government programs will consider your application. And 2 year degrees won't cut it.
ALT positions are public ELT jobs as the BOE runs this show.

The second biggest hurdle which applies directly to your question is age. So I would wait until you got the degree to apply. ALT teachers are quite young, the average age is around 22 if you are recruited outside of Japan. It is older if you are hired from within Japan, roughly 33 years old or so. So this means they prefer fresh young faces - a 45 year old applicant would find this to be tough sledding or nearly impossible. Because you did not give your age, giving advice is tough to do in this case.

Many, many graduates apply for jobs in Japan for ALT positions so there is no shortage of graduates applying to teach in Japan with degrees.

So, your best course of action is to tough it out and earn that degree and get that precious piece of paper in your hand before you go abroad for your experience teaching abroad.

Hope this helps you in some way and good luck.

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