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If you found us because you want to learn Japanese online before flying over to Japan to get started teaching ESL or you just flat-out have an interest in the language, you can get a good start on basic Japanese right here in the lessons we put together to get you started and hopefully interested in learning Japanese online. Believe us when we tell you when the jet hits the tarmac in Narita you'll be thanking us.

But Honestly folks...

We simply don't have the resources to go full-on with:

  • Highly structured  Japanese audio and video lessons
  •  Pronunciation check software
  •  Review and consolidation checks
  •  Progress metrics where you can see your daily progress
  • Kanji, hiragana and katakana training in reading and writing
  •  And an interactive forum where you can ask questions that are bugging the xxxx out of you.

But the guys at Rocket Japanese sure do. They offer the whole she-bang with a free trial and money back guarantee if they don't meet your expectations. So check them out. But at the very least, definitely jump on our free e-book above. It can make a big difference in how fast you can get a handle on the language and may help deter you from making the grand daddy of all mistakes: giving up.

Video is the bomb in terms of getting the point across quick. So here is a video that will run you through what this slick piece of software can do. And here is where

           Japanese language  software really shines...

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Honestly, there is no way we could possible integrate audio, video performance and pronunciation evaluation, PLUS an interactive forum into our site's Japanese section on our limited budget.
But these Guys Can. It's What They Do.

Learn Japanese Online Lesson Index

We've put together some lessons on particles, sentence construction, adjective conjugation, basic Japanese used in the ESL classroom, study tips and test. Wait ...did I say "test"? ... uh... No. We mean... um.... opportunities to check how much stuff you remember.

Lesson 1
Study tips. Tips for using flash cards. Strategies for using a text book. Practical advice for learning Japanese. If you're serious about studying Japanese, shave some time off your learning curve in this section.

Lesson 2
15 of the most common Japanese greetings.

Basic nouns explained. How to use them, sentence order for simple noun sentences. Get the bottom line and real meaning of the particle "wa". Plus vocabulary pumper section on colors.

Lesson 4
Japanese Adjectives. 20 adjectives listed. All 'ii' ending type. Also examples of how to use adjectives in a sentence. How to make a negative sentence with Japanese adjectives. Plus an explanation on how to use 'ne' with adjectives.

Lesson 5
Explanations of this and that. Clear explanations on how to use 'kono' and 'kore'. How their uses differ. Spatial differences of 'kono', 'sono' 'ano' and 'dono' explained. Plus an explanation on the particle 'ga'.

Lesson 6
In this lesson you'll learn Japanese numbers, and how to modify nouns and say things like 'she's a cute girl.' Also an explanation on the attention grabbing particle 'Yo'.

Lesson 7
In this meaty lesson, we'll learn Japanese verbs ending in 'eru' and 'iru'. We'll show you the fastest way to master multiple patterns by showing the verbs stem. Also a solid explanation on the hard to understand particle 'O' Plus we'll get into conjugation forms and how to say 'Please do (x). And we'll cover days of the week with the particle 'ni'.

Lesson 8
Here, we'll cover negative sentences like 'It's not a dictionary'. We look at the differences of 'ja nai' and 'dewa arimasen'. Also tips on how to use 'san', 'chan' and 'kun'.

Lesson 9
In this lesson we'll attack more Japanese adjectives - all na types. We'll also look at how to use desho and to top it all off we'll take a look at the differnces between using "mono" and "koto".

Lesson 10
Here, we'll look at irregular Japanese verbs (all 'u' ending types) and show you conjugations for these verbs. We'll also show how to use them in sentences. Also we'll show more uses of the particle 'ni'. Plus we'll cover months of the year with the particle 'ni' and seasons.

Lesson 11
In this lesson we'll focus on common Japanese phrases English teachers use in the classroom.

We'll focus on phrases used in playing games, doing lessons and giving tests for children. We've also added a Brand new bookstore! Chocked full of Hiragana, katakana & Kanji products. We've hand picked some of the best stuff by Kodansha and Kenkyusha. Electronic dictionaries, paper ones, kanji flashcards you name it. Check it out here.

Thank you for visiting our learn Japanese online page!

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