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Japanese Language Software and what separates some of the better ones from those that are not so good.  Let's face it learning a language is a daunting task to begin with. It seems endless...

Just looking at the core of mastering the language by itself you have speaking, pronunciation,  reading, writing, hearing and language comprehension.  Sizable list isn't it?  Hey folks... just getting started. So what's actually involved? Glad you asked! Check this out... just for starters mind you...

  •  Grammar and understanding word order and meaning
  • Idiomatic,  honorific usage, polite and casual usages

Now since we are looking specifically at Japanese, the written language becomes another MASSIVE hurdle. So let's just add on:

  • Not 1 but 3 alphabets - katakana, hiragana and kanji
  • Then there are reading and writing skills that you need to work on
  • Do  you know your targets? Who knows? So now you need review and consolidation units with integrated performance evaluation
  • Testing units to measure comprehension levels
  • And the grand daddy of them all PRONUNCIATION. After all if no one can understand what you're saying it doesn't matter how good your grammar is right?

I think you get the picture here. The complexity of the written language calls for one of two things. Either a language school or  Japanese language  software to tackle its complexity.Video is the bomb in terms of getting the point across quick. So here is a link that will run you through what this slick piece of software can do. And here is where

Japanese language  software really shines...

Powerful and Slick Software With a FREE Trial
Honestly, there is no way we could possible integrate audio, video performance and pronunciation evaluation, PLUS an interactive forum into our site's Japanese section on our limited budget.
But these Guys Can. It's What They Do.

Japanese Language Software and  Successful Mindset

The shear size of the task is what actually stops most people dead in their tracks. This is mostly mindset. But nonetheless it's a real problem that almost all students face. So the biggest takeaway from this page is this:

  • It's just a language - nothing more and nothing less
  • It is big but it is not endless or infinite
  • It can be chopped down into sizable and mangage pieces
  • Millions have done it so you know there is PROVEN track record of success and it's not just some weird fluke
Japanese Language Software

In our language learning tips page, we touched on a lot of down to earth approaches to learning languages with flash cards and how to build good study habits without much mention of Japanese language software for doing the heavy lifting.

All of these tips help but you, but most come to a point where you need help, where you hit a wall, feel overwhelmed and are ready to throw in the towel. Firstly, it's not unusual, it's a point in the learning process and man that bears repeating. It's a natural part of learning.

But what separates those who throw in the towel and persevere versus those who gut it out a bit more and get that desperately sought after break through? Ask yourself that!

We are going to share with you the game changer, the big one. This doesn't apply just to using Japanese language software to attack the language but it applies to every single endeavor that any person undertakes. It's what separates winners from quitters and here they are: the big 4.

Decision - Why are you going to attack this monster of a language? And your answer had better not be that your bored cuz if it is your dead in the water.

Reach deep inside and dig. Is it because you are fascinated with Japan? You love Japanese culture? Your dream is to marry a Japanese woman or man and being able to speak their native tongue is driving you? Do you want to teach English in Japan and you know that speaking the language will help you become a better teacher?

Everyone has a different reason but 1 factor is key to all of them. It must resonate deeply with you or it ain't worth xxxx. What makes this powerful is that your decision you arrive at is fueled by PURPOSE that deeply resonates in your gut.

Accountability - This I learned from Tony Robbins. Without decision there is no accountability. If you think you can do it tomorrow you have effectively removed accountability from the equation so you can just do it tomorrow.

That's right. Open a big-ass bag of chips, plop down, dig the remote out from under the cushion and put your brain on auto pilot. Why do it just once. Procrastinate the whole month. No strike that the whole year.  Or 10 years for that matter. Then look back and see where you are.

Failure - Don't try to run from it, it can out run you. Don't try to hide from it - it will find you. Your approach needs to be just like Thomas Edison who basically said that he didn't fail in his 100 tests of trying to get the light bulb to work. He found 100 ways that simply didn't work.

Failure is a necessity in success. Embrace it. It means  your making head way towards the goal. Remember no one hits every ball out of the park on every swing. Embrace it, enjoy it, snear at it and put it in its proper place.

The X Factor - There is a factor, a measurable, quantifiable factor in those who succeed in learning Japanese. There is a system to it. Millions have done it. Million more will do it. They all use a system. One that works. If it didn't work there wouldn't be millions of successful speakers.
This tells  you that the system is there and in place. Millions have learned languages threw the Rocket System. Whether it be Rocket Hindi, German, Spanish or in your case Japanese. It works.

Japanese Language Software and How It Can Help You Reach Your Goals

You work at  your own pace - but remember accountability.  Get something at least one thing done, no matter how small done every day.

Works on all Mobile Application - No matter how busy you are it will run on any mobile app you have. Again we returned to forced accountability. So you can use that time in the commute to nail down your self appointed "target of the day."

Rocket Recorder - Forces accountability in pronunciation. It will rate your ability to match a native speakers pronunciation. If  you suck, it will let you know and recycle you into a review session until you get it right.

All sectors get covered - kanji, reading, writing, hiragana, katakana and grammar. No stone left un-turned. This is after all what it takes to excel in the language.

Rocket Japanese. Free trial.
Click Here. Get Unstuck & Get Going.

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