Hate to Sound Negative But...

by Rico

Hate to sound negative but.........I worked for AEON and had an overall positive time in Japan. I had visited Japan 10 time before actually living there and thought I knew the Japanese. What an experience!!!

First, I want to say that I felt like I was a waiter serving food and the students expected service! And did they complain about my lessons Jesus!!!! I really tried to improve my lessons and in the end I feel I was a teacher who cared about those students.

The staff was probably the worst part of the experience. They constantly had to be questioned as to their true intentions. I had to constantly ask for reassurances as to what they wanted from me as a teacher.

The best part was leaving Japan because I learned more about myself and how difficult it is to try to live in Japan. I am also married to a Japanese national and had a family while I was in Japan, so I really was pampered compared to the other teachers.

I returned two years later for a vacation and I was amazed to go back. I really love Japan, but living in Hawaii is just so much better..........

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Feb 07, 2018

by: Anonymous

Hi Rico,

Thanks for the honest input. Honestly, Aeon does get its fair share of complaints from instructors about their teaching experiences and retention is not so good.

I've heard good and bad. A lot of it simply depends on location and the facility itself.

Well anyway, glad you're happy in Hawaii!

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