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Below are Amazon's most highly reviewed, and highest selling basic Japanese grammar  books.  The Genki series is used in university classes world wide and is widely regarded as a more serious textbook as it doesn't pander to students who  want to try to use romaji throughout their learning process (a severe hindrance in more advanced stages.)

After reading through piles of reviews, here is some stuff that stands out about this Japanese language product and why it is such a HOT seller:

The Genki Series will help you attack all 4 skill sets, listening, speaking, reading and writing in a very systematic way. It's broke into 2 volumes. The series lays out 300 kanji, hiragana, katakana and over 1,100 basic Japanese vocabulary within 23 units flat. More below on how long it will take to hack through it.

  • "Just from using this for a month, I can clearly see the difference between this and Rosetta Stone."
  • "Dedication is needed to complete it."
  • "What I've realized about this book is that you need to come into this book with a good knowledge of Hiragana" (Read: No Romaji training wheels kids).
  • "User friendly. I liked the way that it is organized."
  • "After finishing the first Genki, you are in N5, after the second one, N4 shouldn't be a problem."
  • "Very well thought out textbook. It really explains all the grammar points."
  • "If you ask anyone what they should use to study Japanese, if there are any textbooks brought up, it is all but guaranteed that they will mention the Genki series."

And More Basic Japanese Grammar - Genki 2

By the time you get finished with both of the textbooks and workbooks in the Genki series you will be exposed to 317 Kanji characters, including 254 of the 284 kanji listed for Level 3 of the former Japanese Language Proficiency Test (2002 revision). A pretty good start in getting down the basics in Japanese, building a solid launch pad for more advanced learning.

And some other comments...
Other adjectives whipped around to describe the series is "meaty", "practical", "well organized", and "not overly geeky in detail".

Time required to Hack Your Way Through the Course:
 Course designers estimate it will take about 6 hours per lesson for the dialog and grammar part of the course and about 3 hours for the reading and writing part of the course. So that is a grand total of about 200 hours for the entire course that is of course for your average Joe.

With hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews from actual users, (ie. these people actually bought these basic Japanese grammar books and use them,  this series is designed for those who want to attack the language with an actual textbook and grammar workbook series. That has been used in countless classrooms. That's right folks a battle tested Japanese proficiency series that actually delivers.

And Studying With Flexibility at Your Own Pace - On the Fly and On-line With Risa Chan..

A great addition to grinding out basic Japanese grammar with texts is the flexibility of studying Japanese on the fly, in the car, at the bar or on the sly in your cube - with piles of down-loadable audio files on practically any subject imaginable.

Our partners, Japanese Pod 101. From downloadable verb, grammar and pronunciation lists to topic related stuff like how to order food in a restaurant, coffee at a shop or haggling prices with the local Japanese at a fish market.

Risa Says: "Hey You!   Yeah You!
Hit the Books!"
Those who want to pile on more learning in a purely online atmosphere can also check out Japanese Pod They offer tons of free podcasts to get your hearing skills up.

Go Get Them They're Free!! - Study Basic Japanese Grammar with Free Daily Podcasts

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