Teaching English in Japan
Your Guide to Teaching and Jobs in Japan

Teaching English in Japan Can be Your Ticket to …

Exploring a country with thousands of years of culture …
Earning a nice salary in a respected position …
Learning a fascinating language with real business potential...
All while having an adventure that can change the way
you look at the world.

If you’ve been thinking about teaching English in Japan as
a way of experiencing a new culture, learning a new language
or just trying something fresh and exciting, this site is for you.

Working overseas is a big decision. And there's a lot of misleading information about teaching English in Japan.

Our goal is to give you the facts about jobs in Japan - the good...bad and the ugly, so you can find out if teaching English in Japan is right for

We’ve put together tons of useful information designed to answer your questions about becoming an English teacher in Japan.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Teaching in Japan - Such as...

Believe it or not, getting started teaching English in Japan is easier than you think but teaching in Japan is not for everyone. Get the answers you need to make a decision about working in Japan right here!

But one of your first steps in starting your career as an ESL teacher is getting some qualifications. You can give yourself a competitive edge with an on-line TEFL certificate.  i-to i is the industry leader complete with a job placement service to help you nail down your first job in Japan.

Get Qualified & Get Started Teaching in Japan With TEFL Certification

We've researched the A to Z about working abroad in Japan so you don't have to. You'll find everything from tips on Accommodations  to Zabutons!

Feel free to take a look around or navigate from the navigation bar on the left. Or better yet, click on the site map to find what you're looking for really fast. Organized by preparations stages, get yourself organized quickly to teach English in Japan!

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Teaching English in Japan Blog
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Find Teaching Jobs Abroad
Find Teaching Jobs in Japan on our Teaching Jobs Abroad Page. Full-time & Part-time Listings for Jobs All Over Japan. Teaching Jobs added almost daily.
Job Posting Submission Form
Job Posting Submission Form
Job Scams and Teaching in Japan
Job Scams: Common Methods Recruiters Use to Lure Unsuspecting Teachers Into Unfair Contracts, Bad Working Conditions And Poor Living Conditions.
Jobs in Japan. Find out how to get teaching jobs here. Tons of advice and tips
There are loads of teaching jobs in Japan! Get all the critical info. on getting started teaching English in Japan.
Make Your Flight to Japan 10 Times More Enjoyable! 17 Tips to a Comfy Flight.
Get Your Career Teaching in Japan Off to a Good Start! 17 Survival Tips For Your Flight to Japan.
Don't Forget These Things When You Go to Japan. Packing Tips & What to Bring.
Get Your Career Teaching in Japan Off to a Good Start! Packing Tips, What to Bring and What to Leave Home.
Work Abroad as an ALT! What you need to know before you go.
Work Abroad and Teach in Japan as an ALT. The Basics on What to Expect Working Abroad as an ALT.
Tips for Working Overseas Making Money Teaching Freelance in Japan.
Thousands of English Teachers Working Overseas Make Good Money Teaching Freelance English in Japan. Learn How to Get Started, How Much to Charge & Where to Find Students.
Get Teaching Jobs Overseas From Our Job Resource Page. Tons of Jobs in Japan.
Looking for Work and an Adventure? See Our Teaching Jobs Overseas Resource Page. Job Listings, Interview Tips & More
Teacher Employment Services - The Fastest Way to Find Jobs in Japan
Finding Jobs in Japan Just Got a Whole Lot easier! Register With Teacher Employment Services and Start Making Money Teaching in Japan
Teach English in Japan and Earn a Good Living While Experiencing Japan!
Going to teach English in Japan. Action Guide and How to for Getting Started Teaching in Japan.
Teaching Overseas - How to Make Money Owning Your Own School In Japan
Teaching overseas and owning your own English schools - yes, good money can be made owning your own school. Here is how to get started.
Which Resume Format is Best for You? Explanations to Help you pick the best one.
Choosing the Best Resume Format is Tough. Get Clear Explanations so You Choose the Format That's Right For You.
Not All English Schools are the Same. The Basics on Who to Teach for in Japan
Not Sure Which English Schools to Teach for? Get the Skinny on the Differences in Teaching at Big and Small ESL Schools.
Compare English Schools- Geos, ECC, Berlitz & Aeon. Salaries, Benefits,Working Hours, Recuritment Locations and More!
Chopsticks...Etiquette Rules for Using Them. Did You Know That it's rude to...
No where are There More Etiquette Rules Than the Use of Chopsticks. If You'll be Traveling To Japan, Wow Your Guests With Your Know-how. Learn it Here.
6 Things Big Japanese English Schools Look for in an English Teacher.
Find Out What Big English Schools Like Geos Looks for in an English Teacher.
Information on Japan Info on People, Literacy Rates, Crime, Suicide...
Information on Japan. Stats on Japan. Biggest Companies, Life Expectancy, Population & More.
Culture Shock and Japan. What it is and Tips for Dealing With It.
Everyone Goes Through Culture Shock When Going to Japan. Learn How to Understand It, Minimize it, Cope With It
Interview Tips For ESL Jobs in Japan
Interview tips: Find out How to Prepare for Your Interview in Japan. Typical Questions Asked and what They're Looking for.
Teaching Contracts & Japan. What to Look Out For Before Signing.
Teaching Contracts & Japan:The Essentials on What You Need to Know Before You Sign on the Dotted Line and Advice on Questions to Ask Your Recruiter.
Overseas job opportunities with Aeon
Overseas job opportunities with Aeon. Essay tips for the interview Process. Tips and Strategies to Help You Survive the Interview.
Sample Teaching Contract for ESL Teacher in Japan.
Take a Look at What a Typical Teaching Contract for an ESL Teacher in Japan Entails.
Japanese Nouns and How to Use Them With Basic Questions.
Easy to Read and Understand Explantions on Japanese Nouns and Making Simple Sentences.
20 Common Japanese Adjectives used in Japanese. Clear Explanations on Using Them
Get Your Japanese Going With Japanese Adjectives
Japanese Nouns: Clear Explanations on Basic Japanese Grammar
Get Your Japanese Going With A Crystal Clear Explanation on How to Use Basic Japanese Nouns.
Study Japanese Numbers and How to Describe Things in Japanese
Learn How to Count With Japanese Numbers, and How to Say Things Like 'She's a Cute Girl, It's a Difficult Problem, Japanese is Difficult...
Learn Japanese verbs! Conjugations Clearly Explained.
Learn Japanese Verbs. Free, Simple and Clear Explanations With Tons of Example Sentences.
Japanese Sentences -Learn to Make Negative Sentences. Clear & Easy Examples
Get Clear Explantions on Making Negative Japanese Sentences. And Info. on When to use 'San' and When not to. Plus Explanations on 'Ja nai' & 'Dewa arimasen'
Going to Teach in Japan? The JET Program Might be Right for You! More Info Here.
If You're Thinking About Joining the JET Program, Find Out What They're Looking For, Application Info. Deadlines and More
Popular Japanese food. Pictures, Descriptions, Tips for Eating Out.
Typical Japanese Food, Pictures, Tips and Advice on Eating Out and Saving Money. Recommendations and More!
Share Your Japan experiences With Others Here!
Have a Story to Tell About Your Japan Experiences and Teaching? Let it Out on Our Japan Stories Page!
Japanese Adjectives - Learn How to Conjugate These Super Useful Adjectives
Crank-up Your Japanese Speaking Level. Learn How to Conjugate These Super Useful Japanese Adjectives.
Teach in Japan with ECC. Tips to Survive ECC's Grammar Test
Interview Tips to Help You Get a Job with ECC to Teach in Japan. Typical Questions Asked Plus Tips for Their Dreaded Grammar Test!
Japanese Grammar, More Verbs and the Particle 'ni'
Easy to Understand Japanese Grammar and Verb Charts, Explanations of the Particle 'ni' and Example Sentences.
How to Make a Resume. A Step by Step Sentence Improvement Guide
Learn How to Make a Resume. Top 10 Tips for Resume Improvement. Learn How to Build a Powerful Sentence Step by Step
What's a Typical Japanese Apartment Look Like? Find Out What to Expect.
Traveling to Japan to Teach? Get a Detailed Look at What a Typical Japanese Apartment Includes.
Tokyo Apartment - Take a Peek Inside a Typical Apartment inTokyo Japan
Take a peek inside a "Typical" Tokyo Apartment. Info on Floor Layouts, Apartment Sizes and Pictures of Japanese Apartments.
Japanese video page. Get a first hand look at teaching and living in Japan
Take a look at life in Japan and teaching in Japan on our Japanese video page.
Living in Japan...Get Survival Tips on Finding Accommodations in Japan.
Living in Japan...What to Watch Out for, Strategies and Tips for Finding a Place to Live in Japan.
Take a look at a typical Japanese apartment for Jets
Just how big is a Japanese Apartment.? Find out in this short and fun video.
Japanese Etiquette: How to Bow, Etiquette for Eye Contact, Touching and More!
Unravel Some of the Mystery in Japanese Etiquette. Learn the Basics on Bowing, Displays of Affection, Eye Contact, Chopstick Etiquette and more!
Cell phone service in Japan. How to get a phone that actually works in Japan.
Cell phone service in Japan - Tips, links and info. to help you stay in touch with family and friends while teaching in Japan.
Japan - weather
Japan - weather: What's to Expect While Teaching English in Japan. Seasonal Averages Plus Weather Links to All Major Japanese Cities
Japan Cell Phones. Advice On Getting A Cell Phone That Works in Japan.
Japan cell phones Tips For Renting Phones And Buying SIM Cards
TEFL Courses and Teaching in Japan. "Do I need one?" You'd be Surprised that...
Get Answers to TEFL Courses and Teaching in Japan. Like, "Can I Expect More Salary?" Is a TESL and CELTA the Same?"
Pick the Best Online TEFL Course for the Money. Tips for Picking a TEFL Program.
What Seperates a Good online TEFL Course From a Lousy One? Tips For Choosing a Good Program
Being an ESL teacher in Japan: Find Out If It's Right For You.
So You Want to be an ESL Teacher? Find Out if It's Right For You.
Teaching ESL in Japan is No Picnic. Learn What to Expect. Coping Strategies..
Teaching ESL in Japan is fun and frustrating. Tips and advice for teaching in Japan. Find out what to expect before you're in the classroom!
Teach ESL Abroad With Jet. Tips and Facts
If You're Going to Teach ESL Abroad in Japan, Consider the Jet Program. Tips and Facts For Getting in
Assistant Language Teacher, teach in Japan
What's it like teaching in Japan? See for yourself on our Assistant Language Teacher video page!
Take a peak inside a japanese junior high school in this video.
Scenes from a typical Japanese junior highschool
Compare the Top Online TEFL Courses. Prices, hours, course details & more
Online TEFL comparison chart. At a glance, compare price, perks and personal tutors!
Get TEFL Jobs in Japan Quickly Using Placement Agencies. Here's How...
Not sure how to Find TEFL Jobs in Japan? TEFL placement programs are a fast and easy way to get your first job.
TESOL Online - How TESOL Certificates Can Help You Get Your First ESL Job
TESOL Online: What certifiation can do to jump start you career. The basics on getting TESOL Certification and Teaching in Japan.
TEFL certification. Is it worth getting certified if you'll teach in Japan?
TEFL certification. How much do Japanese language schools value TEFL certificates?
Work in Japan. What's it really Like? No bull. Just the facts
Work in Japan. Is it really work? More myth busting on working in Japan as an English teacher.
Teaching jobs in Japan. Rejected by Geos, Aeon etc. Here's Another Option.
Tips for finding teaching jobs in Japan. Tips for how to use photographs on your resume and advice on writing your self-introduction letter.
Teaching English in Japan With Sensei Bank
Teaching English in Japan and Finding Your Own Students Got a Whole Lot Easier With Services Like Sensei Bank
Japanese Books on Language, Grammar, Particles
Browse Our Japanese Book Store To Get Japanese Books on Grammar, Idioms, Particles, Verbs and More.
Teach English Overseas
Teach English Overseas in Japan. Can You Really Save Any Money on a Typical Teaching Salary? This Burning Question Gets Laid to Rest.
Learn Japanese online for Free! Clear Explanations on Basic Japanese Grammar
Learn Japanese online. Free Japanese lessons, tips for using Japanese, Grammar Explanations all Clearly Explained.
Japanese bookstore on Language, Grammar, Particles
Japanese bookstore . Gramar, Particles or Stuff on Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji? Browse Our E-Store For the Hottest Products For Learning Japanese.
Teach Overseas - Stories And Experiences of Teachers in Japan.
Teach overseas - Experiences, rants, raves from those who taught in Japan
Rosetta Stone Japanese - Learn Japanese The Natural Way With Immersion
Rosetta Stone Japanese - Read our review on this product . A fast and natural way to learn Japanese without a ton of memorization.
Teaching English -TEFL, Online TEFL Certifcates. Are They Necessary in Japan?
Teaching English - TEFL qualifications. Are online TEFL certificates necessary for finidng work in Japan? How much qualification will I need? What is TEFL? Quick answers to basic questions.
TEFL Online Courses and 3 of The Most Popular Destinations For ESL Teachers
TEFL Online courses are a great first step to getting work in these ultra-popular ESL teacher destinations.
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